learn Indefinite Pronouns in Spanish (easy)

in this tutorial you will Learn Indefinite Pronouns In Spanish

what are Indefinite Pronouns ?

Pronouns that refer to no particular person or thing
they exist in both masculine and feminine forms
they exist in singular and plural forms

the list of Indefinite Pronouns in Spanish :



someone, somebody, anyone, anybody

alguno, algunos, alguna, algunas

one, some (things or people)


anybody, anyone

otro, otra, otros, otras

another, another one , other one, , other ones, others

poco, poca, pocos, pocas

little, little bit, few, a few

todo, toda, todos, todas

everything, all, everyone

uno, una, unos, unas

one, some


nobody, no one



mucho, mucha, muchos, muchas

much, many

Each, Every

examples of Indefinite Pronouns :

Algún día = One day
cada mañana = every morning
ningún asiento = no seats
otra libro = another book
otro coche = other car
Todos van al cine = all are going to the cinema

Done 🙂

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Learn Indefinite Pronouns In Spanish