learn Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish

in this tutorial you will Learn Demonstrative Pronouns In Spanish

what is DEMONSTRATIVES Pronouns ?

-it is a Pronoun that points towards the noun it replaces
-It can be singular or a plural
-Demonstrative pronouns can work both as subjects as well as objects

types of demonstrative pronoun in Spanish :

1- Este

= this = something is close or near to the speaker
and estos = somethings close

Masculine—- este this, this one
Feminine—- esta this, this one

Masculine—- estas these, these ones
Feminine—- estas these, these ones


mike reads this.
mike lee este.

2- ese

= that – those = noun that is not very close to the speaker

Masculine— ese that, that one
Feminine — esa that, that one

Masculine— esos those those ones
Feminine — esas those those ones


That (one) is francesa
Esa es francesa .

3- Aquel

= that = far from both the speaker and the listener

Masculine — aquel that, that one
Feminine— aquella that, that one

Masculine — aquellos those, those ones
Feminine — aquellas those, those ones

example :

aquel libro = that book there

Done 🙂

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Learn Demonstrative Pronouns In Spanish