learn Reflexive Pronouns in Spanish 2020

in this tutorial you will Learn Learn Reflexive Pronouns In Spanish

what is Reflexive Pronouns ?

-Reflexive Pronouns means when the subject in a sentence performs an action on itself so the verb is considered to be reflexive
– most of actions related to personal care or daily routines are reflexive
– Reflexive pronouns are placed before simple conjugated verbs

Reflexive Pronouns in spanish :


me (myself)
te (yourself)
se (yourself (formal) himself, herself)


nos (ourselves)
os (yourselves ) informal Spain
se (yourselves, themselves)

examples of Reflexive Verbs :

Yo me baño = I bathe myself
Los niños siempre se ríen = The kids always laugh
Yo me quito los guantes = I take off my gloves
Me lavo las manos = I wash my hands.)

Done 🙂

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Learn Reflexive Pronouns In Spanish