what are Irregular Verbs ? learn them 2020

in this lesson you learn What Are Irregular Verbs

What Are Irregular Verbs?

– they are verbs that don’t take on the regular –d, -ed, or -ied spelling patterns of the past simple (V2) or past participle (V3).
– irregular verbs might be the same in V2 and V3

Irregular Verb Examples

bite bit a snake bit him
break broke she broke the vase
bring brought i brought her a cup of tea
buy bought she bought a bag
cut cut he cut the paper
find found the women found the key
go went they went to the cinema
hide hid he hid the book somewhere

more Irregular Verb examples

Base Form – Past Simple (V2) – Past Participle (V3)
arise arose arisen
awake awoke awoken
be was/were been
bear bore born(e)
beat beat beaten
become became become
begin began begun
bend bent bent
bet bet bet
bind bound bound
bite bit bitten
bleed bled bled
blow blew blown
break broke broken
breed bred bred
bring brought brought
broadcast broadcast broadcast
build built built
burn burnt/burned burnt/burned
burst burst burst
buy bought bought
can could … (been able)
catch caught caught
choose chose chosen
cling clung clung
come came come
cost cost cost
creep crept crept
cut cut cut
deal dealt dealt
dig dug dug
do did done
draw drew drawn
dream dreamt /dreamed dreamt/dreamed
drink drank drunk
drive drove driven
eat ate eaten
fall fell fallen
feed fed fed
feel felt felt
fight fought fought
find found found
fly flew flown
forbid forbade forbidden

grow grew grown
hang hung hung
have had had
hear heard heard
hide hid hidden
hit hit hit
hold held held
hurt hurt hurt
keep kept kept
put put
ring rang
rise rose
run ran
saw sawed
say said
sell sold
see saw
send sent
set set
sew sewed
shake shook

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What Are Irregular Verbs ? Learn Them